Kamis, 31 Oktober 2019 00:00 WIB

Starting from the 19th Century, located on JI. Hayam Wuruk Jakarta, there has been a simple rice shop where pedicab drivers hung out. The owner was a Chinese man named Liauw Tek Sun, who had a native wife. The location of this shop is higher than the surroundings. There is a downhill street in front of the shop leading to Arab villages, which is why this shop was better known as “Warung Tinggi”. This rice shop was quite popular. There were also treats to complement coffee, which was actually more in demand.    

In 1878, Liauw Tek Sun focused his business on coffee only, and after some time, his business grew rapidly. His customers were not only limited to the natives and Chinese, but there was also the Dutch, Arabs and Japanese. His business continued to grow even more after he passed it on to his son named Liauw Sim Yao, who designed a new and bigger frying tool, but it stilled used wood. Since 1938, coinciding with its 60th Anniversary, the coffee shop and coffee factory were inaugurated by the name Tek Sun Ho, Eerstee Weltrever-denschee Koffiebranderij. This event was celebrated widely, with guests being treated to delicious food and they were allowed to drink as much coffee they wanted. This very famous and popular, which opened at 8 am, had queues from 7am. And when the shop closed at 5pm, there was still quite a number of customers forced to go through the back street until late at night.

Until now, the brand “Warung Tinggi” is famous (as a unique Jakarta flavoured coffee shop), and some products are exported to Australia, Saudi Arabia and Japan. This company has a tradition of hereditary succession, both from ownership and employment. It grew naturally without advertisement and only dissemination information through the word of mouth. By maintaining the purity of the recipe, without essence and adding other mixtures, Warung Tinggi coffee shop has successfully been around for almost 125 years and maintains its image as one of the iconic Jakarta cultural products.