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NIP Required to Fill In Open Selection Form

Posted: Apr 09, 2013 Category: Latest News

dEven though this is the first time Jakarta Provincial Government holds open selection for urban village and sub-district heads positions, it receives positive feedbacks from urban village and sub-district heads in South Jakarta. However, not anyone can register in the online selection at http://jakgov.jakarta.go.id, because applicants have to have Employment Number (NIP) and Employment Registration Number (NRK) with minimum rank of echelon III D.

“To be able to open the registration page, applicants must entered their NIP and NRK, and prove that their ranks are at least III D,” stated Head of Cilandakbarat Urban Village, Mundari, Monday (4/8).

According to Mundari, when NIP/NRK are detected, it will be verified the name of the governmental employees. Then, they only have to click a register column and exit the form for the participant data. “The first step is easy, where they just fill in their personnel data and email. After it is saved, form for education problem will be opened,” she explained.

The applicants must be careful when they fill in the form. This is because it will request the number of diploma certificate and certificate number minimal from leaders training IV. “Each participant must be careful, because the registration process will fail if they fill in the wrong number. If the data is saved, it cannot be changed anymore,” told Mundari.

Meanwhile, Head of Kebayoranlama Sub-District, Budi Wibowo, expressed that this selection and promotion auction is very good to be applied, because it is more open and competitive, so all participants can compete fairly. This is because earlier, the appointment system was not transparent. However, he admitted that he has not opened the web, because he wanted to complete the necessary paperwork in advance.

“I want to complete my diploma and training certificates first, so I can directly fill in the required numbers when I open the registration form. I just want to be careful,” exclaimed the man with rank of IV/a, and alumnus of Magister Degree from University of Indonesia.

The registration of this position auction is officially opened today, Monday (4/8), for 15 days ahead until April 22. The initial prerequisites are candidates have to be under 52 years old, except for definitive officials. For definitive urban village and sub-district heads who failed to register during that time will be deemed as resigning from structural posts.

The lowest rank for the position of sub-district heads is III/d, currently on echelon IV/a or III/b, except those in functional positions, with education qualification is Bachelor Degree minimal. Meanwhile, the initial prerequisites for urban village heads are III/c and at most III/d with Bachelor Degree minimal. All candidates must have good work records in the last two years, free from drugs, and do not have functional positions in education or healthcare sector.

In South Jakarta, there are 956 governmental employees whose ranks and echelons fulfilled those requirements. There are 10 sub-districts and 65 urban villages in South Jakarta, while in total there are 44 sub-districts and 267 urban villages throughout Jakarta.


Source: beritajakarta.com


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