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Transjakarta Bus Route to Reach Bekasi

Posted: Apr 24, 2012 Category: Latest News

vThe operator of Transjakarta Public Service Agency (BLU) will extend route to Bekasi as new route due to many Bekasi residents who move in Jakarta. The extension of Transjakarta bus route is involved with two corridors, such as corridor I (Harmoni-Pulogadung) and corridor IV (Dukuh Atas 2-Pulogadung). This extension will be started from Pulogadung shelter towards Harapan Indah, Bekasi and it will be applied on December 28, 2012.

“Transjakarta bus is usually operating up to Pulogadung shelter. Yet, it will be extended up to Harapan Indah shelter because its area is large enough,” said Head of Jakarta Transportation Department Udar Pristono, Tuesday (4/24).

This addition is still in phase of bus operator tender. Later on, the routes will have length of 15 kilometers, and shelter addition with 9 new shelters. Yet, six out of nine shelters will be built Jakarta Transportation Department and three others by Bekasi Transportation Department.

Jakarta Transportation Department has allocated budget as much as Rp 40 billion of 2012 Jakarta Local Budget (APBD) to build those six shelters. Automatically, they and Transjakarta BLU will add Transjakarta bus fleet this year related to route extension to Bekasi.

Meanwhile, the park and ride will also be provided by Bekasi City Government to support the Transjakarta bus in Bekasi. It is aimed Bekasi residents can entrust their vehicles and continue the trip by using Transjakarta bus, so congestion can be minimized.

Head of Bekasi Transportation Department Supandi Budiman gives high appreciation to Jakarta government in helping Bekasi residents to enjoy public transport safely and comfortably. Besides that, it can parse congestion in Bekasi. “Bekasi will has two alternatives of mass public transport in based-bus rapid transit (BRT) if new shelters have been operated. Those alternatives are Integrated Transport Border with Transjakarta (APTB) and Transjakarta bus,” he expressed.


Source: beritajakarta.com


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