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Dukcapil Gives Better Administration Service This Year

Posted: Oct 07, 2011 Category: Latest News

Jakarta - October 07, 2011

ktpJakarta Capital City Government has committed to give the best services for its citizens. From many who are given services, population administration in the form of making identity card (KTP) and birth certificate to get serious attention by the city government efforts to pick up the ball. Pick service up the ball, RI Ombudsman expresses appreciation to 10 sub-districts in Jakarta, which has organized the administration of population with good service, especially service ID card night. The 10 districts that are, Ciracas, Cilandak, Kalideres, Cipayung, Grogolpetamburan, Mampangparapatan, Jatinegara, Durensawit, Napier, and Kramatjati.
From Picked service up the ball or evening service, Department of Population and Civil Registration of Jakarta Capital City (Dukcapil) can published hundreds thousands of birth certificates from six areas in Jakarta in the last four years. Data from the Office of Dukcapil mention, during the last four years, has published as many as 351,195. The details, as many as 113,333 birth certificates published in 2007, 132,282 birth certificates in 2008, 137,434 birth certificates in 2009, and 148,146 birth certificates in 2010.
the most areas published birth certificate that is the Central Jakarta City Administrative 139,758 birth certificates. Followed by the South Jakarta 132 693 birth certificates, East Jakarta birth certificates 92 567, West Jakarta 92 104 birth certificates, North Jakarta published 73,633 birth certificates, and the Thousand Islands as many as 340 birth certificates.
For this year, the city government made ​​a breakthrough with the launch of mobile birth certificates in 32 villages in five areas of Jakarta. Until now, a birth certificate is successfully published through this program reach the 1007 birth certificates. With details, in Central Jakarta published 130 birth certificates, birth certificates, 175 North Jakarta, West Jakarta, as many as 310 birth certificates, birth certificates 196 South Jakarta, Jakarta and East of 196 birth certificates.
Then the total number of birth certificates published in the three sub department office (Sudin) dukcapil region reaches 7324 birth certificate. As many as 350 certificates published in East Jakarta, a total of 371 certificates published in West Jakarta and the 6603 deed was published in South Jakarta. "Not to mention the birth certificate plus a free program from the Ministry of Home Affairs as many as 80 thousand deed that must be completed in 2011. That is, the total birth certificate in 2011 in Jakarta will reach 88,331 birth certificates. We are optimistic it could achieve more than that, because surely every month there are events of births in the capital, "said Purba Hutapea, Head of Department For Population and Civil Registration Jakarta Capital City.
He said, the process of the birth certificate for a newborn child is not fully charged or free. Birth certificate is one of the administrative requirements that must be community have. Therefore, this document is the recognition associated with the manifestation of one's birth name, origin, pedigree, and population numbers get listed in the Family Card (KK). Birth certificate also serves as protection for children by legalizing legally the child's birth event. Thus, it can prevent the theft of children.

Management of a birth certificate is the application from Act Number 23 of Year 2006 concerning Population Administration and Local Regulations apply (regulation) of DKI Jakarta Province No. 4 of 2004 on Population and Civil Registration Admission in Jakarta. In both rules were stated, everyone must have a master population number (NIK) and birth certificates. "We will continue to provide the best service for the administrative affairs population for the citizens of Jakarta," he said.

Source: www.beritajakarta.com


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