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Yacht Club

Dutch colonial heritage building. It has an Indische architecture style and was founded early in the 20th Century. Back then, the Yacht Club was on Jl. Pantai Laut No.1 North Jakarta (then it was demolished and turned into a container port). This building initially was the office of the secretariat for this water sports group “Yacht Club”. In the past, this group was named KBYC (Kodja Bataviasche Yacht Club) or Batavia Yacht Club whose members were the Dutch who enjoyed Yacht (kayak) sports. In addition, the Yacht Club building was once the headquarters for BKR-Laut Jakarta, which was taken over by the Japanese and they were forced to leave because of the intense attacks by the Dutch who were based in the Tanjung Priok Port.

Yacht Club yang terletak di Ancol
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